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Before my sister Kate came to visit this summer, she kept going on and on about her new hot pot, thermal cooker thingy. And wasn’t I so excited? And what meals were we going to make with it to serve everyone on our camping trip?

Um… none. Because the pot sounded weird. And I don’t need one more new contraption in my life.

But then she arrived, and cooked her first meal with the wondrous thermal cooker.

And then I didn’t stop cooking for both families with the blasted pot every day until she left to go home. I ordered my own before I even let her drive away. You can watch my Unboxing of my Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker on our YouTube channel. I’m almost spastic with excitement!

The thermal cooker is essentially a slow-cooker . . . that cooks your food without attached power!

It has two sizes of pots that basically nest in a giant thermos, permitting you to cook two different dishes at once, using nothing but the heat of your initial rolling boil from your stove top, and the vacuum insulation power of the giant thermos to retain all that heat, cooking vegetables, sauces, meats, grains, and much more to perfection!

And did I mention that after those first few minutes to boil the raw ingredients, you place the hot pot into the thermos (which remains cool to the touch on the outside), seal it up, and it maintains food at a hot temperature for up to 8 hours if you follow the manufacturer’s directions?

Did I mention that the veggies stay intact, not losing shape or burning, because only the trapped heat does the cooking, so there’s far less chance of overcooking food, and I’ve never seen meat cooked to such perfect, fall-apart deliciousness.

No cords, no power suck, no electricity requirements. No tether keeping it in one spot.

I won’t go off now about all the AMAZING uses for this amazing pot, but just imagine the possibilities with me . . .

Or go here to buy your Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker today!

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